Music is a major part of our worship experience here at King of Glory. We celebrate God’s love for us through old Lutheran hymns as well as Dixieland jazz. Our liturgies include country and western, rhythm and blues, Celtic, jazz, evening prayer, as well as contemporary and traditional Lutheran liturgies.

All of these liturgies require lots of different voices. We could always use more singers to join in our special church services or to be song leaders during our regular services.

The Glory Singers Choir meets at 7:00pm on Wednesday evenings through the school year and welcomes all who love to sing!

The Glory Ringers Bell Choir meets at 6:00pm on Wednesday evenings during the school year and welcomes all who want to learn to ring bells or already have experience doing so.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Jane Andrews or call the office at 970-669-5983.