We Invite & Welcome All To Grow In Faith


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In coordination with the national organization Reconciling Works, King of Glory’s membership, in the annual congregational meeting in December 2015, voted to designate our church as Reconciling In Christ (RIC), inviting and welcoming church that openly recognizes and invites LGBTQ members of our community and their families, as well as others with ethnic, racial, social, financial and other life circumstances that may isolate them from enjoying worship, fellowship, and support. This annual meeting vote was the culmination of almost two years of meetings, discussions, presentations and prayer as we worked to understand all points of view and to recognize what it meant to become an RIC congregation. If you are trying to find a LGBT friendly church in Loveland, you can count on King of Glory as your religious home.

This designation was enabled through the adoption of the following Welcoming Statement:

In confirmation of our Mission Statement, we at King of Glory Lutheran Church welcome all who are seeking Christ’s love and God’s grace from every religious background and people new to faith. We welcome and affirm all people inclusive of age, race, culture, ability, background, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, relationship status, socioeconomic circumstances, or any other situation that can often divide us. As a reconciling people, we pledge to ourselves and to all others that we will strive to create a safe haven in our worship, life together and in our outreach to the community.

For more information about the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program, please visit the Reconciling Works website.