SAFE HAVEN POLICY: King of Glory Lutheran Church commits itself to be a “Safe Haven” location by creating an atmosphere that nurtures the healthy growth and well-being of all. We want our congregation to be free of all forms of abuse, harassment, exploitation, and intimidation so that all — including children, youth, adults, visitors, volunteers, and staff — can participate in the ministries and programs of the church which invite and welcome all to grow in faith. We are also designated as part of the Reconciling in Christ program.

On April 22, 2013, the King of Glory Administrative Council adopted a Safe Haven Policy that includes the following guidelines whenever volunteers work with children and youth:

  • A background check is required
  • Anyone who wishes to volunteer before six months of participation in the congregation will work as part of a team.
  • No one working with children/youth should place himself/herself in a compromising situation by being alone with a child/children out-of–sight of the staff, teachers, or parents.
  • Parent/parents will be notified if a pre-school child or a child in the nursery needs assistance in using the bathroom. If a parent is unavailable, such as during Vacation Bible School, two volunteers will assist the child so that the child is never alone with just one person.
  • Everyone involved with children, youth, the vulnerable, their families and caregivers, and employees/volunteers are responsible for making sure that the church’s Safe Haven Policies are understood and followed.
  • Our various family ministries include Sunday School, Confirmation, Nursery, and Youth Ministry.
  • When your child participates in any activity sponsored by King of Glory, you can be assured that every effort is made to ensure their safety. Parents are always welcome to come and participate with their children. Rest assured that you can find a church as a safe haven here in Loveland at King of Glory.