This Christmas season I’ve been invited to several Christmas gatherings.  It’s exciting to get an invite in the mail or by email.  It means someone wants you to join in.  They want you to be there!  Your presence, the essence of who you are: your laughter, intellect, humor, way you dress, your quietness, those cookies you always bring, whatever it is about you – the host wants those qualities to be in mix of people in the house.  They want you to be included at the party!

Now my Grandmother, God bless her soul, always said, “If you invite nice people, you’ll have a nice party.”  Very true, Gramma!

Yet I might change Gramma’s advice to, “Invite everyone, it makes the party more fun!”

This Christmas I wish to invite you – whoever you are reading this blog – to the ultimate party.  God throws it every weekend, just for you.  God desires you  – whoever you are – to be in the house!  God loves you and forgives you and simply wants to be with you.  God loves all those unique qualities about you: your laughter, your intellect, your humor, the way you dress, your quietness.

Will you RSVP?  Will you come?  God is hosting a party and wants you there.  Join in Christmas Eve at 4pm, 7pm or 10pm or any weekend (Saturdays, 5:30pm, Sundays 8:30 and 10:45am).  You’re invited!

Pastor Ruth Ann