A Message from Pastor Ruth Ann,

I was at the gas station this morning. The driver of the car ahead of me was filling her tank up. Upon seeing her I took a second glance. They say that we all have a twin somewhere in the world. From the side view, she looked incredibly similar to someone else I know. So I smiled at her.

I began filling my tank and we caught one another’s gaze again. I said, ‘Good morning! You look very much like another person I know.’ She replied, ‘Oh. I wondered why you smiled at me. It’s not normal to see others being friendly. That’s nice of you to say hello.’

Her simple statement made me wonder. Is being friendly normal or out of the ordinary? In a world that is becoming increasing complex…with news of more terrorist attacks and families grieving their dead…in the season of gift giving and holiday cheer…how hard is it to offer a smile or say hello?

As Christians we are kind not because it is easy but because Jesus commands us to love. Be kind to strangers. Offer hospitality to those you know and those you don’t know. At King of Glory, I’m proud of our members who are intentional about being friendly. If you come to be our guest at worship, we’ll receive you as who you are and give you a smile. Child of God. Sister or brother of Christ in this community.

May our kindness never be out of the ordinary. I pray only that it will be as normal as breathing in and out. Pastor Ruth Ann