2020 will be a year none of us will ever forget. It will live on for generations to come: the year we didn’t worship together, or travel or eat out and school went on-line. It was the year our loved one or friend or neighbor got sick with the Covid-19 virus.

But in truthfulness, there was another year that no one has forgotten. That year has been remembered and spoken of for centuries thereafter. It was year of the Birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Of course all the big wigs are named in the record of Luke Chapter 2. Emperor Augustus. Quirinius. David. But also of note were the ordinary people. Shepherds. Of course Mary, the teenage mother, and Joseph the carpenter. For it was they and God who carried the story that night. Jesus was born!

It wasn’t silent. Bethlehem was busier than normal. People were stressed because they had to pay their taxes. Mary was exhausted after giving birth and Joseph as well from their long journey. But that night, that year will be proclaimed forever. It was the night God had skin on. God had arrived on earth.

Wherever you are this Christmas, don’t forget to read the story. Open your Bible to Luke Chapter 2. It is our story. God’s Word stands through all time. Our Lord’s birth is a truth that can never be erased from history. The year that Jesus came in flesh and blood changed everything. Whatever we have grieved, or been anxious about, or lost this year….the Savior, our Savior, is holding for us. It is all lying with him on that bed of straw. He is all we need.

This year, don’t forget that year. The Year of the Birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Walking this with you,

Pastor Ruth Ann